Thursday, August 3, 2017

Back Again

Hello My Lovely Booknerds, I know it has been a while since I've posted anything on here. But since my family and I got a "new" computer. I will be back to blogging once a week or so. I've been reading a lot and also I have a new obsession. I became addicted to the tv show Supernatural. Right now I'm almost finished with season 6. My goal is to be caught up in time for season 13 premiere in October. Besides reading, watching tv, been spending some weekends at a local dirt racing track Selinsgrove Speedway. My brother stared racing there last year. It has been an interesting experience. He is getting better with each race. He has had 3 wrecks. One was from himself. The other two were because of other drivers. I will post some pictures of his car soon. We have added some new kitties to our clan. We had nine. One passed away. But then a little angel know as Cupcake appeared on our porch. She has been ours for almost 3 months now. Besides her we still have Fiona and Sofia. As well as Bam, Binx, Ozzy, Romo, Sniffles, and Bella. Our dog Sadie passed away back in January. Life hasn't felt the same. 2017 has been a tough year.

I miss talking about books and life with you all. I hope you all are looking forward to my reviews and posts about life and what not.

Sorry for being MIA. I found it difficult to blog from my phone and kindle. But if you follow me on Goodreads. You will see everything I've been reading.

I will post my July wrap up tomorrow.

Happy Reading, Ashley

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