Tuesday, July 13, 2010

As Good As The First Time By AlTonya Washington

As Good As The First Time by AlTonya Washington
Released: July 1st 2010
Published by: Kimani
Page Amount: 224

"From the moment Julia Kelly fell in love with Cortez Wallace, she knew her life would never be the same. Their passion was hot, tempestuous, explosive. And to her surprise, it didn't last forever.

To escape the pain of yet another breakup, Julia moved to L.A. But now when she hears starling news about her ex-lover, the successful TV producer comes home to Detroit for one final encounter with the man she simply can't get out of her heart...

Popluar television anchor Cortez has loved Julia since high school. Expect Julia's the one who walked out. Cortez's mind remembers betrayl. His heart tells him to win his woman back. But love is never as good as the first time...is it?
Information from the back of the book.

*Note I won this book from GoodReads First Reads!

After reading alot of fantasy novels. I was craving some romance. AlTonya Washington's As Good As The First Time, didn't disappoint.I was truly hooked into Julia Kelly and Cortez Wallace. Julia overhears Cortez's brother tell him how she'll never be good enough. The next day Julia leaves for L.A. To start over, make a career for herself. Meanwhile Cortez is back in Detroit dealing with Julia leaving abruptly. He dives in himself into his career as well. Its not until 8 years later that the former couple meets again when Julia's work Outlook TV, decides to pitch a hosting job for Cortez. Julia is left to sway Cortez to take the deal. Spending time together reminds them both of how things were in the past. Both of them are still in love with one another but neither wants to take a chance on getting hurt. So Cortez leaves and goes back home, Julia follows him back. They take alot of twists and turns. The ending is prove that is never too late to fight for a love you think you might have lost.

The plot of this book is about on how wondering about the one that got away. On what it takes to win that love back.

All in All: I recommend reading this book. You will not be disappoint, with the jam back romance and drama!!

Plot: 19/20
Characters: 17/20
Creativity: 19/20
Writing: 20/20
Ending: 10/10
Cover: 9/10
= 94/100

Review by Ashley!

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