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The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier 
Released: September 26th 1987 (January 1974)
Published by: Dell Publishing
Page Amount: 191, US Paperback edition 

"Stunned by his mother's recent death and appalled by the way his father sleepwalks through life, Jerry Renault, a New England high school student, ponders the poster in his locker-Do I dare disturb the universe?
Part of his universe is Archie Costello, leader of a secret school societ-the Virgils-and master of intimidation.  Archie himself is intimidated by a cool, ambitious teacher into having the Virgils spearhead the annual fund-raising event-a chocolate sale.  When Jerry refuses to be bullied into selling chocolates, he becomes a hero, but his defiance is a threat to Archie, the Virgils, and the school.  In the inevitable showdown, Archie's skill at intimidation turns Jerry from hero to outcast, to victim, leaving him alone and terribly vulnerable."
-Information from Goodreads.com .

My Thoughts:
I don't read a lot of books with a point of view from a guy. So reading The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier was an shocking and amazing change for me. I would not have wanted to go to a school like Trinity. Where there is a secret group called the Virgils, that as boys in the younger grade of the high school performing odd challenges.

Jerry Renault is chosen to not take part in the school's chocolate sale. As the sale goes on he decides not to do the sale at all. Which sends a message to the Virgils that he is defying them. They try  and make him sell the chocolate. Jerry still doesn't want to, so the group gets the whole school selling the candy.

I think the message of this novel is that in standing out and being your own person can sometimes have others trying to hold you back. And also that boys will be boys.

I really enjoyed this book and I think you all should check it out. 5/5 stars! And its a classic!!

Keep on reading, Ashley

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