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The Horror Of The The Shade: The Trilogy of the Void Book One by Peter Meredith

The Horror Of The Shade:The Trilogy Of The Void Book One
by Peter Meredith

Released: January 19th 2011
Publisher: Self published
Series: Trilogy Of The Void Book, One
Page Amount: 434
Source: Review/ e-book

"In all the deepest pits and in all the rank, vile dungeons that make up the illusion of Hell, no fiend is more feared than the dread demon, and for good reason. These pitiless monsters feed on bile and blood, they lap up the screams of the damned, they corrupt and destroy, and they hate with an unrelenting fury.
And to release one upon the world is the ultimate in black sin.
When Commander William Jern and his wife Gayle are given an opportunity to move into one of the spacious Colonial homes on the Village Green, they jump at the chance. But the Jern's new dream home quickly becomes an icy nightmare, as death stalks them relentlessly. It comes unheralded out of the night, and like all of us, they are fearfully unprepared. Yet regardless of his state of readiness, William Jern must face terrors beyond imagination in order to save his daughter whose body had become a frozen vessel for a horror summoned out of the great Void.
With the help of his son Will, a boy struggling to find the courage to be a man, and an old woman, who has foreseen the terrifying manner in which she will die, William undergoes the ultimate test to see how far a father will go, to save his child."
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My Thoughts:
 I received this for review from the author.I'm not big into horror. Truth be told I avoid it all costs. However I took a risk reading this book. From the moment you start reading you are freaked out of your mind. You continue on hoping there will be end to the horror.Peter did an awesome job with the scare factor!!

I'm glad to have been given the chance to review this. Even though it took a while, I had to take breaks from reading. Yes I got scared!!

I do not know if this is a spoiler or not but to find out its based on a true story is just even more scarier!!
If you love scary books then you should totally check this out!!

4/5 stars, Happy Reading Ashley

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