Monday, July 9, 2012

Once Upon a Read-A-Thon

I am participating in the read-a-thon that starts July 9th and runs till July 11th. For more information please go to Pure Imagination. 

I've never done a read-a-thon before, Very excited to get some much needed reading done.

I plan to read:
 Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets by J.K. Rowling (in the middle of)
The Ultimate Sacrifice by Talia Jager (started lastnight)
Hereville by Barry Deutsch
 Kiss Me Deadly by Trisha Telep
 Touch Of Frost by Jennifer Estep

I will update how many pages I've read, what books I've finished and post reviews for them. This will be the page I post my updates on.

Happy Reading, Ashley


  1. I'm an Ashley too! Power to the reading Ashleys! xD

    Looks like you put together a good mix of reads, and I really hope you're enjoying the first Harry Potter. Its a really enjoyable series over all.

    Good luck meeting your goals and happy reading! :]

  2. lol, our name is very popular. Thank you, sorry I didn't respond to your comment sooner. I didn't get to read all the books I wanted.I got sick the second and third day of the read a thon.

    thank you for following my blog. I'm going to try and fix it up, make it look a bit better.

    I love the Harry Potter series. I'm re-reading the series to finally read the last book.