Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pretty Witches All In A Row by Lisa Olsen

Pretty Witches All In A Row by Lisa Olsen
Released:September 30th 2011(first released October 1st,2011)
Publisher:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Page Amount:296,Kindle Edition

"Someone is picking off a coven of witches one by one. Can Sgt. Nick Gibson and his team of detectives catch the killer before he loses the pretty witch who's got him under her spell?

Nick must cast aside his disbelief and delve into the world of the supernatural to solve the case. On hand to help is Annaliese, a member of the coven who claims to have had a prophetic dream at the exact time of each victim's death, offering clues to the identity of the killer. Can he accept the 'proof' offered by unconventional means or is she deliberately leading him astray to hide her own secrets? To cloud the issue, a local evangelist is telling anyone who asks that the victims had it coming. Is religious mania the motive for murder, or is it something more personal?"

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My Thoughts:

Really loved this book. Even though it took a while to it was only because of the reading slump I've been in. I loved Nick and Anna and the mystery of the murders. Did not see the ending coming.
Wish there was another book.
5/5 stars, Happy Reading, Ashley

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