Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Absence Makes the Heart Go Fonder

I know  I haven't posted on here since back in January. Life gets in the way. As  well  as me forgetting this blog. No more putting my blog on the backburner.  I will promise  to post more frequently from this point on.  I don't want  to post a review for every book I have read. I will share posts of the books  I received for review. Along  with the book's  I adore.  I wish you all could still comment on here. I miss getting feedback from you all.

What you've missed while  I was gone. I completed my  Goodreads  goal for the year. I know I set it at 20.  I surpassed that number so  I reset  it to 100. Woohoo!! I'm currently  reading 2 books. Yes,  I am one of those readers who reads more than one book at a time. I usually like  to have a Kindle book on the go and a physical  book.

Besides reading....  I  have been spending  time with my  family  and my kitties. We added 5 more this past April. The house has been a little more crazy but  I wouldn't trade it in for anything. We  have 9 cats, all fixed and have their shots. One dog....  I spent  time at a local dirt racing track.My little brother actually raced a few races there. Nervous about him doing it again  next  year.  I got my third  tattoo a ladybug on my left hand. My Mom, my future sister  in law, and myself got them.

I guess that is everything I needed  to catch you all up on. I will be posting my complete list of books  I read in 2016. Along with my top 16 of 2016.

Happy Reading, Ashley

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