Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Secret by R.L. Stine

The Secret by R.L. Stine
Released: September 1st 1993
Published by: Simon and Pulse
Series: The Fear Street, Book Two
Page Amount: 147

"In this terrifying new trilogy, R.L. Stine takes readers back in time, telling them finally the awful truth of what happened to the cursed Fear family and why their evil lives on. 

  Simon Fier meets an old gypsy who tells him his family will all die in a terrible fire. Terrified, he changes the family name to Fear, but he can't escape the curse."

-Information from Goodreads.com

Over All Thoughts: 
R.L. Stine is one of my favorite authors from my childhood. I had know idea he wrote books for young adults. I'm so glad to have found this series. The Fear Street Series is a good old spooky series from Stine. I felt myself going through the fear and loss with the characters. Also believing in the curse. R.L. Stine never lets me down when it comes to the creepiness. 

I totally recommend this novel to all the readers out there that love a good scary story. And who loved Goosebumps as a child. 

Gave it 5/5 stars!!

Hope you enjoyed my review, Ashley!! 

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