Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Goosebumps Most Wanted #1: Planet Of The Lawn Gnomes by R.L. Stine

Goosebumps Most Wanted #1: Planet Of The Lawn Gnomes by R.L. Stine
 Released: October 1st 2012
Publisher: Scholastic Paperback
Series: Goosebumps Most Wanted, Book One
Page Amount: 160 US Paperback Edition
Source: NetGalley

"Catch the most wanted Goosebumps characters--undead or alive...

The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and they're coming after you! There is no place to hide. Nothing is safe!

Jay Gardner is a mischievous kid who can't stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, Jay gets in so much trouble, his family is forced to move. The new neighborhood offers Jay a chance at a fresh start. But there's something odd about Jay's new town. Why does everyone have lawn gnomes in front of their homes? And why is everyone afraid to go outside at night? The lawn gnomes don't come to life at night-do they? Jay is about to learn that mischief can quickly turn to horror."

-Information from Goodreads.com

My Thoughts:
 R.L. Stine has a way of making the simplest of objects terrifying. In Planet Of The Lawn Gnomes, we meet Jay. He and his family move to this strange neighborhood, where everyone has a lawn gnome in their yards. Jay quickly realizes something is strange about these lawn gnomes. He doesn’t have a clue of how right he is.

R.L.Stine keeps you guessing until the very end. I still find myself wondering if Jay is who he believes he is or if he’s something else. And did he really live where he thought?

By the way I’m never going to look at a lawn gnome the same way ever again!! 

5/5 creepily stars, Happy Reading, Ashley

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